About The Ministry


That the Lord Jesus Christ may take his rightful place in the hearts of the people he purchased with His own precious blood.


  • Inspire a new army of true disciples to take the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to the whole world.
  • Simplify the salvation message and provide answers to those seeking.
  • Empower saints with life-changing messages.
  • Contend for the faith once for all delivered to the saints.


  • The inerrancy of the Scriptures
  • Salvation message is free; you cannot purchase it by giving money to your church or ministry. The ministry operates on the Biblical injunction of the Lord Jesus Christ: “Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons. Freely you have received, freely give” (Matt 10:8).  
  • A cross-less Christianity is a Christ-less Christianity. Christ’s death on the cross is the saving power that turns a sinner to a saint.



Through The End time Worldwide Evangelical Outreach, worldwide evangelical Ministry, has been engaged in the following in Nigeria:

  1. Printing and distributing free of charge the book, Stewards of the Kingdom.
  2. Organizing seminars with the aim of empowering saints to take back their stolen Kingdom.
  3. Helping to train workers for churches.
  4. Developing a new website (www.worldevangel.com) to promote Kingdom values and to contend for the gospel once for all delivered to the saints in the blogosphere.



The word to start the worldwide evangelical ministry came to Bro. Ikechi Polycarp Ihejirika, in 1992. Aided by the Holy Spirit, he wrote and published, The Threat of Darkness: Counterfeit Christianity Exposed, in 1997. The book, which traced church history and exposed how the mustard seed of apostasy planted many centuries ago by the arch deceiver, Satan, had become fully-grown, was welcomed by many pastors who had seen their flock migrating to churches where display of power and acquisition of wealth underpinned Christian practices and messages.

In 2003, he published Oily Waters, a fictional historical reconstruct of events in Africa, Europe and the Americas with the aim of pricking Christian consciences and prod the world into the direction of equity, justice, and fair play. The book contends that wars, famines, and diseases will continue to plague Africa unless western governments rein in their greedy multinational entities and stop their overt and covert support of African military dictators and civilians, most of them agents of the MI6 and or the CIA.  

Countdown to Eternity published in 2008 is a tale about God’s soldiers, immersed in the Blood of the Lamb, wrestling the kingdom of darkness to preach, ‘Christ crucified and resurrected,’ to a skeptical dying world hooked on the gospel of ‘easy believism,’ mammon, witchcraft, eastern occult, transcendental meditations and illusion. This breathtaking and inspiring story, spanning the ages, show hunted and hounded Christians led by God’s soldiers holding fast to their faith in an increasingly faithless and hostile world even as they professed that they have a continuing city, a city without foundations whose maker is God. Challenging a world thrown into disequilibrium by the antichrist, saints battle hardships, torture and death on their march into Christ’s millennial kingdom. With their faith reverberating in eternity, the whole of creation witnessed the shining smile, more brilliant than a million suns at their most intense, on the face of God’s Son.