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Countdown to Eternity

Countdown to Eternity, published in 2007, is a tale about God’s soldiers, immersed in the Blood of the Lamb, wrestling the kingdom of darkness to preach, ‘Christ crucified and resurrected,’ to a skeptical dying world hooked on the gospel of ‘easy believism,’ mammon, witchcraft, eastern occult, transcendental meditations and illusion.

This breathtaking and inspiring story, spanning the ages, show hunted and hounded Christians led by God’s soldiers holding fast to their faith in an increasingly faithless and hostile world even as they professed that they have a continuing city, a city without foundations whose maker is God. Challenging a world thrown into disequilibrium by the antichrist, saints battle hardships, torture and death on their march into Christ’s millennial kingdom.

With their faith reverberating in eternity, the whole of creation witnessed the shining smile, more brilliant than a million suns at their most intense, on the face of God’s Son.

An inspirational Christian novel using imaginary and biblical characters.

© 2007 By Ikechi P. Ihejirika. All rights reserved.

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Stewards of the Kingdom

Stewards of the Kingdom, published in 2013, reminds Christians of how first-century followers of Christ (representatives of the Kingdom of God on earth) lived in accordance with what they preached.

While many followers of Christ slumbered over the centuries, humanity’s enemy was wide awake and busy; he and his demons were sowing tares (false doctrines and practices) in the field where God had sown the wheat (the gospel of Christ, which was once for all delivered to the saints).

Over time the tares matured and multiplied, sinking roots in the fertile ground: the tares robbed the good plants of precious nutrients due to the carelessness of the land overseers (Christian leaders) of the 4th century church.

Having succeded in mutilating the gospel of Christ, and instituting a fake Christianity  (“Religious Christianity”), Satan and his cohorts have been in hot pursuit of the true followers of Christ from the 4th century to date: they don’t want them to rise up, sack the usurpers, and reclaim the Kingdom of God on earth.

This timely book takes away the grey, brings clarity, exposes centuries’ old conspiracies and lies. The book serves as a wake-up call to the 21st century followers of Christ (Kingdom representatives of Christ on earth): they must rise up and take back their stolen Kingdom. They have a duty to proclaim the gospel of Christ shorn of demonic and human contructs. They must through holy living and spiritual warfare repossess the Kingdom and it’s ethics that our Lord and Saviour entrusted to them.

Stewards of the Kingdom – A call on followers of Christ to take back their kingdom. © 2013 Ikechi P. Ihejirika.

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The Threat of Darkness

The Threat of Darkness: Counterfeit Christianity Exposed was published in 1997.

The gap between the Word of God and Christian practice has widened even more since the book was published.

What we have today is more than “show”: it is the great apostasy. Many of those who claim to leaders are the ones misleading their followers.

Does God see our Christian services and practices today as being consistent with His Word and as glorifying Him? Is the Lord still in the temples (churches) or has His glory departed? How may He restore His glory?

This book answers these questions as well as providing the “bridge” that will close the gap. It also exposes Satan’s newest doctrines that have been preventing unbelievers from coming to the knowledge of God and that have been leading Christians astray.

The call today, as it was in 1997, is: “Church, go back to the faith which was once for all delivered to the Saints so that God may forgive us and restore His glory to the churches”.

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