The spirit of the antichrist is active, in fact, more active than at any time in human history. Man is being encouraged in nearly every area of life to believe that his potential comes from within himself and that he can develop himself to whatever level he desires. This development can involve his spirit, soul and body.

The Antichrist will surely be that person who has developed his/her soul, spirit and body to unprecedented levels. He/she, using human psychic potential and under the devils tutelage, will be able to do things that no human being had hitherto done. Many will be attracted because they can be “taught” to do the same things that the antichrist is doing.

Preparing the ground for the emergence of the man of sin, the devil has targeted Christian ministers, who should normally oppose and warn the world of the approaching evil, and has successfully seduced some into embracing many concepts from hell.

“You don’t have a god in you, you are one” which is at the heart of the Positive Confession Movement today is one the concepts from hell. Confessing, signs and wonders, healing, shepherding can be scriptural. Indeed, according to Romans 10.9, is it not with our mouths that we confess the Lord Jesus and are saved?

The devil can also employ any of the aforementioned to try to deceive even the elect. Some in our midst have created ‘Movements’ and perfected techniques out of one or two verses of Scripture, without subjecting them to the whole Scripture.

The unfortunate outcomes are that whereas many churches or ministries have biblical names and preach using the Bible; their messages are counterfeits because they contradict the Word of God in many areas. We preach and or practice wrongly, when our focus, message, and programs do not center completely on our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Once on the road of the Positive Confession Movement, we invariably branch into Possibility Thinking, Positive Thinking and the Positive Mental Attitude Movements. Not too long on that road we find ourselves “believing for” and “confessing” attractive things which our minds suggest to us but which God doesn’t want us to have.

We substitute God’s Will with our will. Our “wants”, “desires”, or “lusts” become our “needs.” Our needs become God’s commandments. Our congregations become the instrument for the actualisation of those lusts.

The basic difficulty with many teachings on faith today is that they separate the Word from the person of the Lord Jesus Christ. Some of these teachers have placed God at the same level as their chosen Scriptures, rationalising that this will justify their actions.

In: Beyond Seduction Dave Hunt writes, “What actually matters is not whether something is ‘positive’ but whether something is true or false, biblical or not biblical. In that contest, then, the terms ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ are not only irrelevant but a smoke screen that obscures real issues.”

Referring to the “strong delusion” to believe Satan’s lie (2 Thes. 2: 9-12) about which Paul warned those who were not lovers of the truth, Hunt continues: “The Popular Substitution of ‘positive’ for ‘truth’ is a perfect set up for the prophesied delusion” (Published by Harvest House, Eugene, Oregon – 1987).



The Lord Jesus Christ Commanded His Disciples to go into the world and preach the gospel to every creature, baptising them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that He had commanded (Matt. 28 19- ).

While many Christians understand what preaching the gospel means, most do not fully apprehend what teaching the commandment of the Lord Jesus Christ entails. Teaching involves exposition. Exposition is an elucidation or commentary on a topic or issue. Through teaching, we instruct, correct, direct and re-direct in accordance with Scriptural doctrines. The only authentic and biblically correct resource material is the Bible. Any “help” from other sources must be in total agreement with the Bible.

These sources, whether Christian literature and/or testimonies of believers, must never be placed at the same level as the Word of God. We should throw out any testimony or literature that is at variance with the Bible. The Word of God is supreme and has no comparison.

Furthermore, the Word of God must be used to judge the spirit behind a book, preaching, teaching or testimony. Where a testimony or writing is at variance (even by one jot) with the Word of God, then we must conclude that the spirit behind it is not of God.

Some so-called Christian books, Christian TV talk shows, preaching, and teaching fall into the category of anti-Christian practices. The controlling or directing spirit is not of God. Many prophetic utterances today are to be placed along side those uttered by the Old Testament false prophets. It is a mistake to assume differently.


Knowing these things then, the Minister can only be effective if he:

  1. is knowledgeable in the Word
  2. has discernment and wisdom (all from God)
  3. is ready to contend for the truth no matter the consequences
  4. willing to question every writing or teaching that creates a doubt on any aspect of Scripture
  5. lives the separated life (sanctified or Holy life)


  1. Faith (faith has been elevated to a god by some)
  2. Healing
  3. Demons
  4. Anointing
  5. Prayers
  6. Worship

1. FAITH ( Hebrews 11: 1 is the preferred verse whereas Hebrews 11:6 is frequently not mentioned) (i) Confession of possessing brings possession (ii) Name it and claim it (iii) Picture (visualize the object) until you have obtained it (iv) Making a list of your requirements after making a contribution – so-called seed money (v) Using offering as point of contact to obtain blessings


To believe that every sickness has a demonic origin is a fallacy. Sickness can be caused through various agents: (i) Physiological – Mosquito bite, obesity, malnutrition etc. (ii) Psychological – fear, etc. (iii) Demonic – oppression No. (iii) can produce (ii) but not always. No (i) occurs many times through carelessness. Malnutrition can easily be cured. Some form of obesity is caused by gluttony. And it is lust that produces gluttony. 2 Cor. 5:17 will be wrong if we have to go back to trace all ancestral linkages and a person’s past before a demon can be cast out.

Many other Scriptures are being daily contravened by the practice of deliverance – which ministry cannot be justified by Scripture. The demoniac in the Bible was insane. At a word from the Author of life, the demon was cast out. There are still many possessed in our streets. Those with the so-called deliverance ministries should begin from there before asking every new convert to go for deliverance.


  1. Anointing oil prayer
  2. Formula for obtaining the “Holy Spirit”
  3. Hypnotism as anointing
  4. Foundation of “falling down” or being “slain in the spirit” is from the occult{seances, transcendental meditation}. When the mind is in a passive state, the infiltration of demons is made easier. So, imagine being ‘out’ for one or more hours on the floor when we are “slain in the spirit”?


The tendency is to command God when we pray. There is irreverence in some of our prayers. An example: “Holy Spirit, move”!


Some of our theatrics have surpassed those in worldly show business. These antics are even worse when one tunes into some of our “Christian weekend programs.”

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