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World Evangel Monthly Newsletter (June 2019 Edition)
June 2019 Newsletter

Message of the Month:
Becoming Born Again—The Panacea To Your Problems


"Jesus replied, "I tell you the truth, unless you are born again, you cannot see the Kingdom of God"" — John 3:3 (NLT).




Should all human beings be "born again" (John 3:3)? The answer is a resounding yes; it was and is still God's desire for all human beings to be "born again" (all human beings lost the divine nature with the Fall) in order to fulfill God's purpose in creation and inherit eternal life (John 3:16).

From the Fall, human beings became slaves to Satan and to their fleshly desires.

"We know that we are God's children, and that the whole world lies under the power of the evil one" — 1John 5:19 (NRSV).

None was found worthy to save them from eternal damnation save the Lion of the Tribe of Judah (Rev 5:5).

Despite being yoked to Satan and being blindfolded by Satan's blanket of darkness, God's light continues to beckon to all the slaves in the kingdom of darkness (i.e. anyone who has not accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior is a slave in the kingdom of darkness) to escape from Satan's clutches. Unfortunately, busy pursuing selfish desires, not too many respond to the knock of the Son of God on their hearts (Rev 3:20).

And among those that do respond to that knock, only a few will make it all the way to the end (Matt 20:16).

In this newsletter, we will examine the reasons why few respond to God's call and why even those that do respond fail to make it to the very end. But more importantly, we will show those who are still slaves in the kingdom of darkness how to escape from Satan's kingdom and how to run the race to eternal life in the prescribed (biblical) manner.




You have almost everything your heart desires: it could be wealth, it could be brains, it could that be you are beautiful or handsome, etc. Yet, no inner peace (that peace that bonds the human spirit with the soul).

Your promiscuity, drug use, gambling etc have failed to fill the void in your heart. After the ephemeral high, you are thrown back to a sorry reality; one of fear, sadness and loneliness.

Maybe you lost a loved one (child, spouse, parent) and that loss has made you bitter. Maybe you lost your job and can no longer feed your family. Maybe you are in prison for a crime you did not commit and you are angry with the world. Maybe you failed your exams and have lost the opportunity to get that good job. Maybe you even think you have it all.

Whichever is your situation, you have not found a solution to that emptiness in your heart and to  your fears and dissatisfaction. That ought not be so.

One thing all the Dissatisfied of the Earth have in common is hopelessness. Some even want to end it all when they cannot see a way out.

If you are reading this, know that there is indeed a Way out of Satan's kingdom.

The only Way out is through Jesus Christ, the Son of God. God has given human beings the remedy, a cure-all for what ails them—The sacrifice of His only Son on the cross for their sins and their separation from God. Jesus Christ is the ONLY REMEDY for distraught souls and the ONLY WAY out of the kingdom of darkness and the ONLY WAY to eternal life in God.





You have given your life to Christ but your soul is in the same state and with similar issues as those who have not accepted Christ as Lord and Savior. You have never had that personal encounter with Jesus and therefore do not have the joy of salvation. Even though you have been going to church, paying tithes and giving large offerings, you still have no peace and no assurance of salvation. So, you are wondering as you read how come your situation didn't change (the heavy burden is still there) and why didn't Christ give you that inner peace that surpasses all human understanding (Phil 4:7) since you have confessed Him as Lord and Savior.

There is one explanation for your situation: You did not repent at the time of that confession that Jesus is Lord and Savior. You spoke the words with your mouth but they didn't come from your heart. And God saw your heart (Heb 4:12-13). You are not really saved because there is no salvation without repentance. Repentance involves repudiation of your worldly lifestyle, breaking from sinful relationships and a determination to obey Christ's (your new Lord) commands, disobey Satan's (your former taskmaster) commands and not to give in to the desires of the flesh.

God's peace continues to elude you because you did not have a genuine repentance, and God knew, even as you were making that confession that you have accepted Christ as Lord and Savior. Hence the absence of that personal encounter with the One you have claimed is your Lord. It is impossible to accept Christ Jesus as Lord and Savior with your whole being and not have a personal encounter with Him, your new Lord, and have assurance of salvation.




For some, they did have that personal encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ and had the joy of salvation initially. But, after a period of time, dissatisfaction set in again; when they yielded to their fleshly desires, they lost that inner peace in their soul. Those who belong to this category are like those Israelites who, after being saved from their bondage in Egypt, were still yearning for the meat and luxuries of Egypt during the wilderness crossing.

Backsliders are double minded and hypocrites; they are part of the world, yearning for the things the things in the world and yet claiming to be "born again." There is no difference between them and unbelievers in their desires and actions. They fail to understand that there is no middle ground and that trying to straddle the Kingdom of God and the world (part of the kingdom of darkness) is a losing proposition. They cannot bring themselves to burn the bridge linking them with the world and take an unambiguous stand for Christ. Their claim to be "born again" is spurious: They were "born again" at some point but they died spiritually and are no longer part of God's Kingdom because they failed to keep their promise that they would live a new life. If they desire to become children of God again, they must repent, cut off their ties to the world (1John 2:15) and embrace Christ anew.

Please note: There is no such thing as once "born again," always "born again." It is a false and dangerous teaching. When we become "born again," we become God's temple and we receive the seal of the Holy Spirit. But that seal remains so long as the Holy Spirit is in residence in a child of God. However, if the child of God backslides, the seal is broken and the Holy Spirit departs from the person. And Satan is only too willing to take him or her back.





Then Jesus said, "Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you. Let me teach you, because I am humble and gentle at heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy to bear, and the burden I give you is light" — (Matt 11:28-30 NLT).

Why remain yoked to Satan when God has given you the means of escape from him? Aren't you weary from carrying Satan's heavy burden?

The Son of God has asked you to surrender your heavy burden to Him. Why would you refuse such a generous offer? Are you afraid Christ's yoke will be like that of Satan? Fair thought. But you have been carrying Satan's heavy load, and your own, all your life and you have never had rest in your soul. Why don't you try the yoke of Jesus and see if He will not relieve you of your heavy burden and give your soul rest as He has promised?



In your closet, confess that you are sinner and accept that Jesus Christ died for your sins and rose again for your justification. Purpose in your heart, and mean it, that you will forsake sin and every appearance of sin. Ask God to help you in this your consecration and new life.

"If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is by believing in your heart that you are made right with God, and it is by confessing with your mouth that you are saved" — Rom 10:10 (NLT).




Confession of faith in Christ coupled with genuine repentance and separation from the world means that you are now a partaker of divine nature (2Pet 1:4) with the power to resist sin, recognize and withstand the attacks of the enemy. You now have that which Adam lost at the fall, the privilege of having fellowship with God. How you use this privilege will determine how you will end up at the end of the age.

As one born anew (John 3:3) and a child of God (John 1:12-13), you must believe the following by faith:

  • That the Holy Spirit has given new life to your spirit and that Satan's shackles on your life have been broken.
  • You are a citizen of the Kingdom of God with all rights, privileges and responsibilities.
  • You have just begun your journey to eternal life in Christ Jesus.

Though you are now an ambassador of the Kingdom of God to the world, you are still a baby who needs spiritual milk to grow.




What you eat and who feeds you at this stage will determine whether you will survive and grow to adulthood in Christ or whether you will die in your childhood and lose your salvation.

We recommend, from experience, the things you MUST do to survive your childhood in Christ:

  • Cry out to God that you don't want to be misled by anyone and that you want to live to glorify His name. There are so many "wolves in sheep clothing" (individuals and church organizations) waiting to pounce and take advantage of you once they hear that you are "born again."
  • Yield your will to God: Please say this prayer: Dear God, the Father of my Savior and my Lord, You gave me freewill out of your love for me. But like Christ, my Lord and Savior did while on earth, I give You back my will. Father, let your will be done in my life from this day till I meet Your Son in glory. In Jesus name, I pray.
  • Ask God to lead you to where you will be having fellowship in your area. Please don't feel obligated to go anywhere until you hear from Him, no matter how long it takes.
  • In the meantime, buy a Bible if don't have one and begin to read it on your own. I recommend that you start from the Book of John. You may not understand so many things at the beginning but trust me, you will with persistence and perseverance. As time goes on, the Spirit-inspired Document (the Bible) will become alive in your spirit and true understanding will begin to permeate your being.
  • Pray at all times: You don't know how to pray? Thank God for His mercies and grace. Tell Him how your day is going, your worries and hopes. He is your Father, talk to Him like you would to your earthly father. It is called having fellowship with God just like the one God used to have with Adam before the fall in the Garden of Eden.
  • Sing praises to Him in your heart at all times: You don't know what to sing? Go to YouTube and type Christian worship songs. You will know when you hear an inspired song because the Holy Spirit, who indwells you, will impress it to your heart.
  • If for some reason you need further guidance, and you are led to contact us, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. You may be wondering why our ministry, Worldwide Evangelical Ministry, is different from so many others:
  1. Most of what we have written above were born out of experience. We know for a fact, and biblically substantiated, that God does speak to His children. When you encounter Jesus, our Lord and Savior, you will never be the same again.

  2. Our ministry will NEVER and has NEVER solicited funding from anyone since God gave the word to start it in 1992. Therefore, whatever counsel we give is for your good. What we ask in return is that you remain faithful in Him and that you teach others also without charge (freely you have received, freely give).

  3. We are not in ministry to make money.

We shall now look at two groups—those who will survive and inherit eternal life and those who die and lose their salvation.




Those who will survive are the soils which received the seed (God's word), nurtured it until it grew and produced fruits fit for the Master. They placed God's word above that of every human being. They acknowledge that as new creations in Christ Jesus (2Cor 5:17), they must cut the umbilical cord with the world (2Cor 6:14-18), obey God's word (John 14:15), preach the gospel of Christ and live according to it.

Like Joshua, they meditate on God's word daily (Josh 1:8) because they know that as workmen and women they must study God's word (2Tim 2:15), which God has given by inspiration to enable His children to grow and be complete in Him (2Tim 3:16-17).




On becoming born again, a new convert is very vulnerable. Like any baby, he needs help from adults. He tends to trust and believe anyone who says he or she is a brother or a sister. For him, the pastor's word is law. Otherwise he or she couldn't have been a pastor in such a church, the newborn in Christ reasons. A VERY GRAVE MISTAKE.

Here is what a "Newborn in Christ" has to contend with in the early stages of her walk with God:

  • So many churches in her area preaching conflicting doctrines.
  • Churches in her area with posters and billboards advertizing deliverance, healings and miracles.
  • "Wolves in sheep clothing" masquerading as brothers and sisters in the churches. I include general overseers and pastors in the category of brothers and sisters.
  • So-called televangelists proclaiming their powers to heal, work miracles and making prophetic utterances especially in the areas of jobs, fruit of the womb and material prosperity.
  • Testimonies galore during church services: Brothers and Sisters who claim God has blessed them bountifully for "sowing seeds" to the church and to the life of the pastor or general overseer.
  • Solicitations for funds to erect new and or expand church buildings.
  • Books on how to prosper using biblical methods, etc.

It will take God's miracle for such "Newborn in Christ" to survive in the midst of the apostasy in most of these churches. Unfortunately, many die in these churches because they failed to put all their trust on the Author of their salvation: they preferred to believe the words of men and women claiming to be anointed above that of God.

Organized Christianity and churches are responsible for dearth of faith and the death of many newborn children in Christ. They have done great harm to the great commission (Matt 28:19-20). They have forgotten that a new convert, no matter her age, is still a child. She needs milk and careful nurturing to grow. Rather than teach the doctrines of Christ, many church leaders slice and dice verses of Scripture to increase their numbers. Pulpit messages fail to address the need of "Newborns in Christ" as many pastors and elders are more interested in tithes and offerings than in the spiritual growth of their members, most of whom are still babies in the Lord.

How can a "Newborn in Christ" survive in most of these Spirit-starved environments claiming to be churches?

I want you to imagine this scenario: 

Someone gave his life to Christ about 25 years ago. The church he attended fed him with spirit-killing messages (those messages that promote fleshly desires — 1John 2:15 — like paying tithes and giving large offerings bring good jobs, promotion, wealth, healing, etc). He grew in this church very rapidly and became a pastor in a very short time. After "25 years in the Lord," he became a general overseer of a group of churches numbering more than fifty thousand.

Because he was never fed with the spiritual milk of the word (meaning of salvation, the cross of Christ, servant hood, the Person of the Holy Spirit, Priesthood of believers, Sanctification, Suffering, abhorrence for sin, separation from the world, heaven, hell, etc),  this fictional general overseer actually died spiritually shortly after his birth in Christ. But he still thinks he is standing. What food do you think he has been feeding his congregation of fifty thousand with if not the type of food he has been eating for the past 25 years? How many in this congregation of fifty thousand do you think are still "born again" since all they are being fed with are spirit-killing foods? How long do you think a "Newborn in Christ" today, who begins to attend a church under this general overseer's jurisdiction, will last before dying spiritually?

I want you to imagine the harm carnal brothers and sisters masquerading as pastors and general overseers have done, and are doing, to the gospel of Christ. They are raising millions of followers who are dead to the Spirit like themselves but alive to the things of the flesh!




Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is coming very soon. Making your peace with God is the greatest gift you can ever give yourself.

I pray for God to open your heart to know Him and His Son (John 3:16).



Thank you for reading this newsletter. Do get in touch with us if you need counsel and or prayers. Our ministry will never ask you for money. But we ask that you remember us in your prayers and that you encourage others to verify everything they hear from the pulpits and television using the Bible. I pray for God to bless and keep you until you meet Him in glory, in Jesus name.



(All Scripture quotations have been taken from the New King James Version unless where otherwise indicated).


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